The Thetford Region Small Business Market of the Thetford region... a success!

The Thetford Region Small Business Market of the Thetford region... a success!

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Thetford Mines, June 10, 2021. After learning at the last minute that the National Public Health authorized the holding of the Small Business Markets, the one in the Thetford region was able to take place and was a success, once again this year, despite the context. This event was held for the first time at the Mario Gosselin Centre on June 5 as part of the Grande journée des petits entrepreneurs. A success with the participation of 15 small businesses, for a total of 19 small entrepreneurs this year, young people under 17 years of age who offered to the population products made by them and available for sale.

"It may not seem like much, but we mustn't forget that we only received confirmation of the event a week before the date of the event," explains France Vachon, representative of the local organizing committee. She explains that several dozen visitors came to encourage the small entrepreneurs. In fact, three businesses even left before the end of the activity because they had no more products to sell! "You could see that people were happy to be able to get out and participate in a face-to-face activity, one of the first activities allowed since deconfinement began in the region," she adds. "This year was really good. The location of the market was good. There was plenty of room and a little background music, which made it a lot of fun," said 10-year-old Alys Bouchard, who was not a first-time participant. (photo)

For the first time, the local organization provided tables, chairs and disinfectant gel to participants, which was greatly appreciated. Sites were assigned according to registration date while respecting family bubbles. Distancing measures were respected as a one-way route was offered to visitors so that visitors did not cross paths.

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Source : Martin Fecteau, SDE région de Thetford

Information: France Vachon, Project Coordinator and Coordinator of the Business Mentoring Service
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