regional economy

A creative and dynamic business community!

$1 200 000 000

in investments in Thetford alone

$5 000 000

available in the Capital Expansion Région Thetford (CERT) investment fund

$50 000 000

available in economic diversification funds

The Thetford region offers major advantages to businesses, including:

  • an entrepreneurial ecosystem that fosters business start-up and implementation through training, networking, support, funding and the search for qualified workers
  • the Espace Entrepreneuriat Région Thetford (E2RT) business incubator
  • a business mentoring cell
  • a conference centre
  • two research centres: the Centre de technologie minérale et de plasturgie (COALIA) and the Centre collégial de transfert de technologie en oléochimie industrielle (KEMITEK)
  • the Incubateur agroalimentaire des Appalaches (agrifood incubator) that provides parcels of land at low cost
  • a regional airport

Nine industrial areas

  • Large lots at low cost
  • Industrial buildings ready for the arrival of new businesses
  • Low implementation costs (lease-purchase)
  • Potential tax credit program (100% in 5 years)


Development PARTNERS




Fonds CERT

Learn more now about the Société de développement économique de la région de Thetford (SDE), an organization that provides a range of services to support and stimulate the creation and development of businesses, both in terms of technical aid as financial aid.