in the Thetford region

All the advantages of a big city, none of the hassles.

Our businesses export goods around the world, generating high employment. The labour market is fully expanding, and there is no shortage of careers or possibilities for couples. For full employment, companies in the region are now looking abroad to recruit exceptional talents.

Want to be your own boss?

There are many opportunities in the Thetford region. Here, the entrepreneurial ecosystem was developed to guide you through every step with tailored support. In 2014, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business ranked the city of Thetford as Québec's top entrepreneurial community.

Transport: Where traffic is always smooth

A network of branching roads was built to facilitate travel in the region. For those who prefer public transit, a shared taxi service is available across Thetford. The city also boasts a regional airport and an extensive cycling network.

for newcomers

If you need help with your plans,

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