The Société de développement économique de la région de Thetford (SDE) is an organization that provides a range of services to support and stimulate the creation and development of businesses, both in terms of technical assistance, support and financial aid.

The Société de développement économique de la région de Thetford (SDE) is an important organization dedicated to the development of the local economy and employment in the territory of the Thetford region (Appalaches Regional County Municipality). By offering a multitude of services resulting in financial and technical assistance, the SDE region of Thetford supports local entrepreneurship, leads communities in an approach focused on economic development and mobilizes partners, promoters and entrepreneurs in a concerted effort. Proactive in the community, it demonstrates the importance of a commitment from the whole region.

The SDE supports the community, develops the economy and undertakes the future


The SDE Thetford region's mandate is to integrate, in a multiservice one-stop shop, the assistance and support measures for entrepreneurship. More specifically:

  • Set up a multiservice entrepreneurship window in liaison with organizations already working in the field. This one-stop shop offers pre-start-up, start-up and business development support services for all individual or collective entrepreneurs, potential or already in activity;
  • Develop, taking into account national and regional orientations, strategies and objectives, a strategy for the development of entrepreneurship to promote the creation, maintenance and development of full employment;
  • Work to diversify the industrial structure and promote the development of manufacturing SMEs;
  • Foster the emergence of entrepreneurs, stimulate the expansion of existing businesses or the development of new markets or products;
  • Support, guide and advise the entrepreneur in his dealings with the various levels of government;
  • Collect information, draft economic documents and carry out various written communications and thus carry out economic promotional activities;
  • Encourage the preparation and dissemination of economic education, animation and information programs;
  • Ensure the promotion of the territory as well as the promotion and tourism development of the region.

for entrepreneurs

By contacting the Société de développement économique de la région de Thetford (SDE), you will be sure to obtain all the necessary support for the realization of your business project through a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs.

The professionals of the SDE region of Thetford accompany you at every step of the development of your business. They advise you in your procedures relating to the start-up, expansion or consolidation of your business or organization, by offering professional technical and financial support services tailored to your needs.

Consultation, orientation and referral

The advisors help you to define your needs and provide you with the necessary tools for a preliminary reflection of your business, investment or development project.

Assistance in carrying out the business plan

Support in carrying out the business plan, including the preparation of provisional financial statements, is offered by the SDE region of Thetford advisors.

Funding (government and private aid)

The SDE region of Thetford offers you the expertise of a team of professionals to guide you in identifying sources of funding appropriate to your needs. The advisers facilitate your procedures by supporting you with the various players in business financing.

Financial assistance for businesses

In addition to technical support, the SDE can help you financially in yout business project depending on your eligibility for one or another of the investment funds or financial assistance programs it manages or to which it collaborates.

Support in the search for implantation or relocation sites

Thanks to their privileged links with the municipalities and the various local economic actors, the advisers of the SDE Thetford region facilitate your rental or purchase of industrial space or land. Thus, you have, in one place, access to the information necessary for the decision-making of the place of establishment or relocation of your company.


Access to a business network

The SDE Thetford region plays an important role in local development. Indeed, it becomes a lever for any business project by forging links with the various players in local and regional development:

  • The business environment;
  • Municipal and government institutions;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Local organizations dedicated to the development of the economy and employment;
  • Etc.

Together with all these players, the SDE Thetford region offers networking, spin-off, business mentoring and business succession activities.

Reception and recruitment assistance services

  • Whether it is to find housing, help with the placement of a spouse, school registration, francization, a familiarization tour of the region, the SDE can help newcomers integrate quickly into the community.
  • In addition, in a context of labor scarcity, the SDE is also a gateway for companies in the region for various recruitment projects.
  • SDE is positioning itself as a unifier of all economic development players in the region to act efficiently and proactively on this issue.

Matchmaking service for entrepreneurs wishing to obtain the support of a peer ready to exchange with them, guide them and support them in order to help them perfect their knowledge and skills as an entrepreneur.

of professionals at your service!

In order to offer a set of services to entrepreneurship, the SDE region of Thetford has a team of professionals and support resources able to support and accompany the entrepreneur in his business project.

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